Ambuj Ventures India Private Ltd.

Our Ventures

Ambuj Ventures India Private Limited acts as a promoter and mother company to several companies in the group. We promote, incubate, develop and then delegate the divisions to individual CEO's.

Ambuj is a SME, not a large corporation. But we do manage it professionally and think in terms of a large corporation. You can say that we keep our vision and horizon broad.

We believe in Think Big, Think Fast, and Act Fast.

We have always tried to be among the leaders in any business category we operate. Leader does not necessarily means always in sales, but our idea of leadership is where peers and others look upon you as benchmark. Our idea of leadership is to attain the highest gross profitability in the industry. Our idea of leadership is to be pioneer and to explore new areas.

We have successfully promoted the following ventures with equal or majority shareholding of Ambuj group.


    This is our flagship business and being carried on by RSP Corporation. RSP is a leading Indian producer of high quality Silica based...

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    With the economic boom and the pressure on land area with the growing population, we realize the importance of real estate. We have vast land ...

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    An aptitude for finance and lineage seeking wright timing of investment.

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    Yes, truly this space is vacant. And we are looking for new opportunities to fill this space. Probably next time you visit this site...

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