Ambuj Ventures India Private Ltd.

Core competencies

Ambuj is a diversified group with an entrepreneurial lineage of 3rd generation. This has helped the group to realise the importance of its core various core competencies.

The 3 core competencies are

1. Process driven and systems managed group;
2. Financial strength and control on finances
3. Human Resources – Manpower

Processes, Systems, MIS

Having worked with the best MNC's in India and world, we have been trained and have adopted the best practice to enable us to have the best systems, processes and management information systems. This is done through process and value engineering, checklist management etc.

Transparency, Integrity, Management Team

Our educated, professional managers and family ownership provide us the ideal mix of transparency and integrity. The family values having been passed on to the third generation and developed with modern practices and corporate governance have provided transparency.

Skilled, Educated, English speaking, low cost workforce

We are extremely proud of our skilled (both highly and medium), qualified workforce, including engineers, draftsman, foreman, machine operators, designers, computer operators etc.. With access of cheap English speaking workforce, we think this to be the most important core competence to compete in this global village.

Relations with Government and bureaucracy

Excellent relationships developed over a period of several decades gives us an advantage in all work relating to government, starting from land acquistion to approvals etc.

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