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India is booming and modernizing all its infrastructure, organized retailing, airports etc.. It was years behind the modern western world and also behind the developed Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. But all MNC's making India their base, both in terms of research, markets, productions and outsourcing, there is huge opportunities in these areas.

Ambuj finds that the best way to tap this opportunity is to tie hands with non conventional players, who are global and renowned for their quality and can meet the standards of these MNC's. We have identified USA, Australia, UAE, Europe, South Africa and other countries as potential suppliers of these products.

Companies coming from these countries find themselves more comfortable, if they find their same vendor here in India. This opportunity exists in Infrastructure development, including roads, constructions, power plants, nuclear plants, airport modernization etc. It also exists in organized retailing, logistics etc..

Secondly we also can represent companies in India as their master franchisee, agents, stockists, distributors or importer. There exists a huge potential in areas of high technology, which has been tried and tested by the western world, like security systems, packaging, food processing (cold chain, equipment for increasing productivity, life of fruits and food), hi tech equipment, medical equipment (like MRI, CT Scan, rehabilitation equipment) etc.

  • This is where the action is!
  • Biggest democratic market, with a huge middle class
  • Extremely Stable political environment
  • Strong currency
  • These areas are still decades behind the modernized world

  • Infrastructure management, toll roads, mechanized parking, security systems
  • Food processing, cold chain management
  • Organized retailing
  • RFID, POS, Bar Code, etc..
  • Medical equipments
  • Hi tech automation equipment (home, office, industrial)
  • Packaging
  • Airport modernization
  • Industrial cleaning and property maintenance
  • Property management
  • Anything which is B2B

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