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Outsourcing is not an evil. It is leveraging your core competencies and delegating your non core processes to another specialist, thus not only reducing cost, but also increasing productivity and quality. This does not necessarily means retrenchment of employees or any other unemployment.

Outsourcing is a type of Win-Win situation for all. Effectively utilization of all resources, whether natural or man made is the core for outsourcing.

  • Vast pool of English speaking talent
  • Already an experienced market for all
  • All levels of skilled workforce available
  • Young workforce
  • Climatically adaptable workforce
  • Can also handle on site jobs
  • High level of computer literacy in the workforce

  • Design - shop, print, media, products
  • Desk Top Publishing (DTP) services
  • Printing
  • Packaging
  • Legal, secretarial, data entry, data conversion
  • Industrial process outsourcing
  • CAD/CAM designing
  • Accounting, pre-audit preparation
  • Taxation, Insurance claims,
  • Annual Return filing
  • New processes to be searched or experienced

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