Ambuj Ventures India Private Ltd.

Mission & vision

Ambuj's core mission and vision are a reflection of its commitment to build a world class, learning organisation, striving for excellence in all its endeavors.


Mission is an end, but we see it as a beginning. Thus instead of mission guiding us, we make goals and create milestones out of them, reinventing our mission.


Our Vision that was conceived by our Founder in 1931 is still the same. To industrialize the under developed areas, to treat everyone as equals, to remove unemployment, to make sincere efforts for self development as these are the only ways we can enhance our lives.

The reputation of Ambuj Group has been crafted by the vision of Shri Ramji Das Modani. Fashioned by him into a major force in corporate enterprise, we strive to fulfil a legacy of technological knowhow, engineering enterprise, managerial and financial acumen, and above all the goodwill and faith of employees, shareholders and generations of customers.

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