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The Ambuj Group foundation was laid in 1931, when Late Shri Ramjidas Modani started his first company to manufacture soaps. He named his first company, after his pseudonym name `Hans', meaning swan and that became its logo for almost 70 years.

Ambuj group was started in 1931, by a young, dashing, dynamic, Late Shri Ramjidasji Modani (1910-2004). RD Modani, whose father died at an age of 7 years, with no brothers and sisters, set out on his own to seek job. As in his native village, Naraina, District Jaipur, in the north Indian state of Rajasthan, there was an epidemic where several people died. He worked and travelled to Varanasi, Burma, Kolkata and Bangladesh. Although he was educated till grade 4, but he had the zeal to learn and specially read books. At night under lamp he used to read books and brush his knowledge, learn accounts during the day and earn his living. During this time he worked in Jute companies, trading agencies, soap units etc..

But as the Indian independence movement was gaining momentum, and on the call of Mahatma Gandhi, his will to do something for his village, his vision to do something with Indian products, his vision to take Industries to villages, brought him back to his birthplace and there started this journey. His entrepreneurial zeal had been tested several times during his days as an employee.

He started his 1st soap factory (now known as Hansa Soaps Private Limited), in 1931, with no power, no capital, no workers. His wife and mother would be the entire organization. They used to produce, market, sell, collect and do all the chores. But his hard work and perseverance gave way and led to slow but steady successes and good reputation. Within a span of 10 years he was among the leading manufacturers in the area. In the next decade he got total recognition with being among the leading industrialist in the area.

Then in the 60' saw his first diversification outside the domain of soaps, into Jute industry. Again started as a small hand operated unit, it went on to become the largest unit in north-west India, employing more than 500 people.

Then came the Italian plant from Mazzoni, to manufacture Washing and Toilet soaps, in Jaipur. There were only 3 companies in India to have such kind of a plant in 1975.

In 1981 when the group celebrated its golden jubilee, the group had more than 600 people on its roll, with 5 manufacturing plants and six offices, and covering almost 60% of India as its sales territory.

Shri Ramjidas Modani, had been awarded several times and on occasions and institutions with a long list. However the President's award of Udyog Ratna (1979) and best borrower by RFC (1981) stand out were close to his heart.

These 75 years, have been not only most fruitful, but with the social responsibility and corporate governance, have been most enjoyable also.

Now with the third generation in place, the group has interests in soaps, minerals, refractory, chemicals, handicrafts, international trading etc. We are now looking forward to the next 25 years, to go alongwith the growth of the Indian Economy and to create a powerhouse.

In 1989, to create more manageable business entities, Hansa Group was restructured into three separate groups, and this saw Shri Satya Narain Modani, the eldest son of R.D. Modani taking over the soap and ropes business and renamed the group as Ambuj.

Ambuj was chosen as it related to `Hans', swan as the same place of existence. Currently the group is led by Shri Satya Narain Modani and his son, Shri Ravi Modani.

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