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Shri Ramjidas Modani
Shri Ramjidas Modani (1910 - 2004)

Nothing can better sum up the homage paid to great son and philanthropist of Naraina, Shri Ramjidas Modani, who started his life with all the ill lucks and misfortunes; His father died when he was 7 years, in 3 days grandmother, uncle etc, also died in 1917, when an epidemic hit his village.

He was named Ghisiya, so that to prevent from bad omen, as earlier his one sister and one brother also died.

He heard of plating trees and growing and thus planted 16 annas, so that it may become a money plant! People laughed and he felt very sad. He left his village at an age of 11 years, for Sherpur Town, West Bengal, on an annual salary of Rs.250 (US$5).

He then worked in Marwari Relief Society, Calcutta, for Rs.35/month, Rs.420 per year (US$9.95).

During this time he used to read a lot of books and thus got the inspiration and knowledge for industry. He started writing and published in newspapers, magazines, under the pen name of `Rajasthani' and `Hans'. Then he wrote books on self made business. This he was doing while working as an employee!

He joined the Indian Freedom moment with Vinobha Bhave in 1926.

He became the President of Jaipur praja mandal in 1946. He was closely associated with Indian Natonal Congress, various National level bodies of all social and educational areas.

Reared in milieus which graft nepotism, black marketing and tax evasion were considered a must for success in business, Shri Ramji Das Modani set for himself rigid standards of morality in his dealings with the public and government and made no compromises in order to earn more money or gain a favour. While himself deprived of opportunities for higher education, he nevertheless understood how, important such education was in building the future of a nation. As a result he started various schools and institutions for all ages of students. Currently his 3 schools are being run, 2 of them by Government and 1 by our NGO.

Mr.RamjiDas Modani, a follower of principles of Mahatama Gandhi had particiapted in the Indian Freedom movement, was honoured by the President of India, in 1977, by Udyog Patra, for his excellent services in taking industries to villages. He had been honoured by various other organisations and was a strong follower, preacher and practiser of Ayurveda and naturopathy. He used to look after his first soap factory till the age of 91 years. He believed that we can solve all the problems of our country- poverty, un employment and others, by increasing the literacy level of the country.

He was always ready to put his time, money, and efforts for education. There are innumerable people who vouch about his helping nature to get them educated. He could see on one uneducated.

"Simple living, high thinking" was his moral and life's driving principles, which we still follow. His legacy of spreading education is being taken up by us through Ramji Das Modani Foundation

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